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The Republic of Kenya is approximately 569,285 km2(219,789 M2) in extent and is situated astride the Equator on the Eastside, it reaches 5o North and touches the Indian ocean on the 2-3o South. It's narrow on the Western side and reaches only 1o on the shores of Lake Victoria. Longitudinally, it stretches from 34o to 14o.From the white sands of the tropical beaches along the coast to the snow capped Mount Kenya(5194 M(17058 Feet) above the sea level, there is a tremendous variety of scenery, land surface and vegetation.

Well known for its abundance of wildlife, particularly large mammals and birds. Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. The wide attitudioanal range and its accompanying change in temperature are the basis of the great variety of news, the complex rainfall patterns is another contributing factor to the diversity.

Here 30 million people of; African, Indian, Arab, and European descent live together in one of the most stable, beautiful and interesting countries of Africa, which has a reputation of offering the friendliest hospitality in the world.

Very few places can boast of such variety of scenery, snow capped mountains, rich farmlands which stretch forever, ragged deserts and of course, some of the best tropical beaches you will find anywhere in the world. Here you can have the sophisticated life of major cities; with their multitude of shops, restaurants, clubs, halls churches, shrines, the theatres, or the dusty rugged existence of the hills and mountains with their cattle, sheep, and camels, to the muddy hills of the country side, offers fresh fruits and vegetables to the citizens.

Literally you can be trout fishing in the streams of Mount Kenya at 8000 ft above sea level and the next sunbathing in the tropical Indian ocean at Mombasa. Kenya is a land of its own!


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