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The definition of Information Technology (IT) in kenya has taken a different direction with colleges offering almost everthing, from basic computer skills to technical aspects such as programming. The pursuit of excellence has long been a hallmark of the KCA/JKUAT Diploma in Information Technology.
Since it's founding in the year 2000, the college has endevoured to assemble promising students and distinguished faculty in a community designed to stimulate, even inspire it's members to develop their talents to the fullest.
Admission on the other hand is based on through scrutiny. KCA has the resources to enable students pursue their interests vigorously. They seek too, fellow students and faculty, with whom they can share their passions and discover new ones while forging friendships that will last a lifetime.
The KCA/JKUAT Diploma in Information Technology offers an extraordinary scope, a carriculum with core carriculum and concentrations plus numerous seminars, workshops and informational tours to prestigious companies around Kenya.
For a while now, KCA has played a leading role in educating future leaders for every endevour-from private industry to public service. Students are encouraged to take courses that enhance their life and academic excellence, these courses include core carriculum and a concentration field(s).

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