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Hujambo? Am Clement "Omesa" Ongera, the first born of Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Onkendi; my sisters Martha and Moraa with my niece Tracy and nephew Benja complete our nuclear family. We were born, raised and educated in various cities here in Kenya.

Am currently in Nairobi, the capital and administrative city of Kenya, my mother, sisters, niece and nephew live in Nakuru, the capital and administrative city of Rift Valley Province. My father lives and works at Kisii the admnistrative town of Kiii district and our ancenstral land.

Having graduated on July 2005 with a Diploma in Information Technology, I can't say I have attained what i've been dreaming of; and this prompts me to always seek new knowledge and challenges in life.

I love drama, music, books, magazines, philantely, friends and relatives.

About Kenya
The Kenyan flag Forget about what you've heard! I am a proud Kenyan, because it's only here that life really is dynamic.Here's Kenya's profile.

About Kca

My College's Logo I choose to go to Kenya College of Accountancy because of their strictness not only for your education, but for your transformation of an individual to a professional.

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